When the pain of an training is too big, challenge yourself to be stronger

It really helps with the mental side of things. If you want the pain to lessen, you can use it as a motivator.

If I'm in pain, and I train, I usually don't feel like training for about a month afterwards. As I've said before, "Training is the hardest work I'll ever do." And the training itself is just a vehicle to burn off the fat and build muscle. Once a few weeks pass, I feel better and I'm ready to resume and add more work. That's why my personal trainer is so important. He keeps the pressure on me to train while I'm in pain. That makes me a better athlete.

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hardest work

She is an accomplished triathlete and triathlon coach and has coached many elite athletes in both the triathlon and swim/triathlon worlds. She was the triathlon coach for three Olympic swim teams (three Gold, two Silver and two Bronze in Beijing, Athens, London. I remember her fondly.