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Body-Fat Scale Review: Consumer Reports weighs in on the high-tech claims.

Grey Cook Movement book downloads: FMS Scoring Criteria, Verbal Instructions, Score Sheet, etc.

Funtional Movement: Functional Movement Screening.

Correctional exercise database: For less than perfect FMS scoring.

CSEP Screening Forms: PAR-Q and YOU, PARmed-X, and PARmed-X for Pregnancy.

Beep Test Cadence: 3.6 MB mp3 file from the Royal New South Wales Regiment.

Army Fitness Norm Charts: Scoring for push-up, sit-up, 2 mile run, and body weight.

Army's New Functional Fitness Tests: Challenging, gender-neutral tests focus on the fight.

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AAPHER Youth Fitness Test Manual: 1976 Percentile Scores Based on Age.

Evaluation of the AAHPER Youth Fitness Test.

FitnessGram: Healthy Fitness Zone Charts.

Biosignature Sites: Poliquin C (2008) Meeting of the Minds Conference.

An Objective look at Biosignature Modulation: A critique of Biosignature Modulation.

Morphopedics: Joint Evaluation.

The Barbell Physio: How to build your own Functional Movement Screening Kit. Is a Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Monitor Just as Good as a Chest Strap Monitor?