BYU Biomechics: Kinesiology & Biomechanics of Sport & Exercise.

Exercise Analysis: using torque and center of gravity lines.

Center of Gravity Calculation / Calculator: Input weights, X and Y coordinates of each segments center of gravity then receive coordinates of combined COG.

Center of Mass Lab: Use body segment data (mass, length, center of gravity) to ascertain total torque and full body center of gravity.

Body Segment Parameters: A survey of measurement techniques.

Ergonomics: Information relavant designing machine and tasks to human factors.

MyoQuip: A biomechanical model for estimating moments of force at hip and knee joints in the barbell squat.

OpenSim: Free software system to develop models of musculoskeletal structures and create dynamic simulations of movement.

Motion Analysis Tool: free windows (XP & Vista) software for taking measurements from digital video and bitmap images.

Kinovia: Free and open source window solution for video analysis.

Protractor: Image of protractor to measure angles.

Tug of War: Role of Height Order in Tug of War.

Physics of Rowing: Anu Dudhia of Oxford University.

Physics of Baseball: Alan Nathan, University of Illinois.

Physics of Baseball & Softball: The University Of Sydney, School of Physics.

Physics of Tennis: The University Of Sydney, School of Physics.